Nairobi Private Shuttle Services

Nairobi Private Shuttle Services - Nairobi Bus HireNairobi Private Shuttle Services - Nairobi Bus Hire

If you’re transporting a small group of people to a special event or meeting, or have multiple meetings scheduled city-wide, a shuttle bus rental may be the perfect solution for you. Nairobi Private Shuttle Services offers easy, cost-effective, and stress-free group transportation. Our drivers are trained for efficiency and safety, and shuttle van rental prices are better than what you’ll get from a taxi.

About Nairobi Private Shuttle Services

Get to know us! We know that it’s important to feel confident in any company with which you conduct business. Below, we offer the who, what, where, when, why and how of Nairobi Shuttle’s bus rental services.

Who is behind Nairobi Shuttle bus rental service?

The staff of Nairobi bus hire services is a group of experienced, friendly and professional individuals who strive to make your ground transportation services comfortable, reliable and worry-free on every level.


What is Nairobi Private Shuttle Services?

Nairobi Private Shuttle is an East African bus rental and reservation service for shuttle and bus charter services that operates Nairobi Arusha and Moshi via Namanga border that specialize in group and private travel throughout Kenya and Tanzania. We offer a variety of ground transportation that accommodates groups of all sizes with a wide variety of bus rental options from our fleet.

Safe, cost-effective and reliable transportation is our priority; since our Shuttle’s founding many years ago, we’ve been working hard to establish relationships with hundreds of professional charter bus operators nationwide.

What are people saying about Nairobi bus hire services?

We have been satisfying customers for over a decade and are flooded with positive feedback! Don’t take our word for it, see customer reviews on their bus rental experience.


Where does Nairobi bus hire operate for bus rental?

Nairobi Private shuttle services provide ground transportation services in Kenya and Tanzania majorly in Nairobi, Arusha and Moshi area and anywhere in the Kenya or Tanzania.


When is the best time to plan your travel with Nairobi bus hire Shuttle?

Now (or whenever is convenient for you). You can contact us by phone (+254 710 354 845), email ( or through our website. We’re always happy to help with all of your transportation needs whether you need a 20 passenger bus rental or a school bus rental we can help!

How do we operate your bus rental?

You request a quote, and we get you exactly what you’re looking for. Nairobi bus hire acts as a reservation system that can source exactly what you need for your bus rental—no more, no less. If there’s a particular size or type of vehicle that you require, or you’re searching for transportation in a specific city, let us do the legwork for you. That way, you’re not wasting precious time doing research on bus rentals and you will find exactly the right vehicle with the features necessary for your event.

You will make a single payment through Nairobi bus hire Shuttle, and we will ensure that every ride is ready and waiting.

Please feel free to contact us with any questions or concerns, big or small. Our friendly staff will be happy to help you!